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Safe, supportive sober living

Men’s Recovery Home in Huntington Beach, CA

The Present House is a sober living and recovery home located in Huntington Beach, in the heart of Orange County, CA. Our recovery home offers the ideal mix of structure and flexibility for men pursuing recovery. Residents attend house meetings, observe a curfew and complete house chores, while also enjoying the freedom to build their own schedules. We strive to provide an environment that inspires confidence on the path to sobriety, to build a stable foundation for recovery that lasts. Contact us today for information about vacancies and rates.


The Path to Recovery Starts at Home

Addiction can lead us down dark paths and put us in bad situations that it feels like there’s no escape from. Many people struggling with addiction talk about not recognizing themselves or their surroundings—like they’re living in a strange place, doing things they know they shouldn’t do. At the end of the day, they feel like they have no place to go for help. But there is a place: Home.

Home is safe. Home is reliable. Home is where you can get a good night’s sleep and start tomorrow as a new day—a day filled with positive opportunities and possibilities. That’s what The Present House offers residents. As with all men’s recovery homes, we know how important a solid home foundation is and the benefits it provides to men struggling to find and maintain their sobriety. We’re here to offer you the supportive atmosphere you need and a family-like community that’s here to encourage you. No matter where you’ve come from, what you’ve struggled with or what your future looks like, here, you’re home.

We’re committed to men’s sober living. During your stay with us you’ll get the stability you need from our atmosphere, with the perfect mixture of structure and flexibility to get you through your struggles. Residents are expected to contribute to household chores and observe a curfew, with other house rules to keep you on the straight and narrow path to recovery. But you’ll also have the freedom you need to go out into the world as a new man, to work, go to school and shop. Before long, you’ll feel in-control of your life once again.

If you’re serious about overcoming your addiction and living a sober life, come home. The Present House will give you the stable foundation you need to reclaim your life and shape it into the one you’ve always wanted to live.

  • Our ideal location is just half a mile from conveniences and public transportation.
  • Residents get the opportunity to experience group outings throughout So. California.
  • Our recovery home is open to all men ages 18 and older.
  • Our house features five rooms with two beds each, as well as a pool and pool table.
  • Residents are expected to be a productive member of the community during their stay.

About the Present House

The Present House is located in a quiet neighborhood. We’re just five minutes away from stores, gyms and public transportation, and two miles from peaceful, serene views of the beach. Our house features five rooms with two beds each (and one for the house manager), a pool and a pool table. We strive to provide a sober living experience, bringing stability and certainty into the lives of those on the path to addiction recovery.

Welcome Home

The path to sobriety isn’t one you should have to walk alone. At The Present House, you don’t have to. Join a supportive community committed to recovery and walk the path with confidence.

Residents join our recovery homes from the following cities and surrounding areas:
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Costa Mesa, CA
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Westminster, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Torrance, CA
  • Carson, CA
  • Lakewood, CA
  • Garden Grove, CA
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • Irvine, CA
  • Midway City, CA
  • Anaheim, CA
  • Fountain Valley, CA