April 27, 2020

Resident, 2019-2020

"I had a great experience living in this house because of a great manager and a great owner. They were very responsive to any concerns I had and the house was always clean. We never did get some of the ideas off the ground such as having weekly barbecues but this house is the reason I was able to stay sober. And the best part of this house? Location! A mile or two from the beach, close proximity to the 55 freeway, and walking distance to Starbucks! (10-15min.)"
April 27, 2020

Former resident

"I went to the present house directly from rehab. I built connections with the people are pins me and made some amazing friends. I was at the present house for over two years and it’s where I built my recovery system. My best friends that I have today were people that I met in the house. Karla worked with me and helped my with my foundation that I have today. Because of this house and the connections I made I have 4 years or sobriety. The house is nice and they have a pool! You can’t beat the price or the location of this place. If you want a Soberliving that will work with you and support you this is the place to go! "